​​​SOLD OUT! ​​ 

​​​SOLD OUT! ​​ 


Please do not attempt to place yourself without checking in with a member of the Special Events Team, and please do not leave equipment, tents, etc. unattended at any time after check in unless secured for the night. YOU MUST CHECK IN WITH EVENT STAFF. Late arrivals will be placed at the discretion of the Event coordinators. It is the goal of this division to place vendors in the location of their choosing, but this is not always possible. Please take in to consideration the entire size requirements of your booth, and/or trailer, truck, etc. when signing up for your space. Please be respectful of all the vendors and the space you have rented, and be ready for business by the required times. Vendors are responsible for their trash. Trash left in your space can and will result in additional fees. There is a large dumpster conveniently located at the vendor parking lot. NO WEAPONS WILL BE PERMITTED TO BE SOLD! The Special Events Staff has the right to not allow a vendor to sell items that are deemed unsafe or not appropriate for the event. Subleasing your space is prohibited. Vendors that don’t comply will be removed from event with no refund. 


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9:00AM - 11:00AM